Grounding Bolt

Ideal solution for securing low contact resistance of bolted joints with low cost and high reliability.

Name GS TITE® stands for a solution developed to provide reliable electric conductivity of bolted joints by using a special grounding bolt. Together with the widespread of electrified vehicles, it is becoming a challenge to assure a stable and reliable solution that provides good electric conductivity not only during common circumstances but also during local extremes (eg. vehicle malfunction) occurring to the electrified powertrain. To achieve such a result, It is important to assure metal-to-metal contact between the bolt and the counterpart without any potentially insulating elements (coatings, foreign contamination, etc.).

GS TITE® grounding bolt is able to effectively remove any insulating elements and paint from counterpart’s thread and also to assure absolute metal-to-metal contact through the whole joint. The specific point of this product is the intentionally deformed thread of the bolt (continuous helix) that is manufactured during the thread-rolling process together with the thread itself. There are no special requirements in terms of fastening equipment or tools and it is possible to use the same equipment as for standard bolts. There are also no requirements related to the masking of counterpart’s thread before the paint shop operations. Despite that, the contact resistance of such bolted joint lays in lower decimals of µΩ with enough safety margin to cover possible local extremes. GS TITE® technology is an ideal solution for securing electric conductivity in electrified vehicles with low cost and high reliability.

GS TITE® technology has already been adopted by several globally important carmakers as a standard solution for bolts that require electric conductivity.