Sealing Washer

Metal & plastic combined washer to prevent water leaking in with a reliable joint structure.

A significant challenge for vehicle development engineers is to design a jointed bolt that would fulfill its role in the long term and that is watertight even under the most extreme conditions. The conventional solution is to use a rubber washer, but it is not suitable for bolted joints due to its parameters, since the bolt is then loosened over time and it results in water leaking in. The problem is that there is no metal-to-metal contact in such a joint.

Aoyama group responds to this problem with an effective sealing washer solution. This washer has a body made of steel and a rubber sealing portion is added during the injection molding process. Such a solution has advantages in terms of being an uncompromisingly watertight joint and a long-term stable joint due to the metal-to-metal contact. We can offer sealing washers with sizes from M4 up to M10 with parameters fully according to the desired forces in the bolted joint.

This technological solution has already been adopted by several globally important carmakers as a standard solution for applications where a watertight joint is needed.