Japanese Tradition,
Czech Innovation

The highest quality and outstanding reliability on the automotive fastener market.

Aoyama Automotive
Fasteners Czech, s. r. o.

Our company is a part of a multinational group called Aoyama that has Japanese roots and is the world’s biggest fastener maker for the automotive industry. Its production plants can be found in the Czech Republic, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the USA.

The ACZ, situated in the North-Bohemian town Lovosice, focuses mainly on the production of metric bolts intended solely for the automotive industry. Our products are used throughout the whole vehicle, including some critical applications like wheel mounts, drive units, or chassis. They are used in almost all car brands produced in Europe such as Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, BMW, but also others.

Maintaining a high standard of work safety, minimizing the environmental impact and the excellent quality of our products are our top priorities.

Technologies and Production System of ACZ

The complete technology needed for bolt manufacturing is available on site. Except for several simple cold forming and thread rolling machines, that also means very complex machines such as oil quenching and tempering furnaces for heat treatment and a few production lines for surface treatment.

Our production fully follows the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Lean production, Just in Time deliveries to our customers, and the kanban system of controlling production are a natural part of our everyday work.

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We are one of the leading global automotive-fastener manufacturers.