Aoyama Group

Aoyama group has secured a worldwide manufacturing presence by building its plants in six key locations and on three continents.

The first production plant of the Aoyama group was established in 1950 as a family-run company in Japan. During those more than 70 years of its existence, this originally local company has become the most important global group in the field of automotive fasteners that currently has five additional more production plants outside of Japan in Asia, Europe and North America and its annual sales are exceeding 1,2 billion Euro. What remains unchanged since the company’s origin is the family-run spirit that is considered to be one of the group’s fundamentals and with already the third generation – a great-grandson of the founder Mr. Aoyama – leading the company.



The company Aoyama achieved full automotive-market coverage by using the plants in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. All of the plants have the same mission – meet the needs of our customers by delivering high-quality products.