ACZ is able to manufacture a wide portfolio of standards parts, but also specific parts based on customer's drawings.

The company ACZ is focused on the production of metric bolts to be used in the automotive industry. We can manufacture standard and drawing parts in sizes from M5 up to M16 with property classes from 4.8 up to 11.9. We use various grades of alloy, carbon and boron steel as our raw material. With our machinery, we are able to manufacture hexagon flange, hexagon, countersunk or pan head, welding and step bolts and other special shapes according to the customer’s needs.

Our company is the license holder for the following technologies: TORX®, TORX PLUS®, TAPTITE 2000®, TAPTITE 2000® SP™, TAPTITE 2000® CA™, TAPTITE® PRO™, TAPTITE® PRO™ SP™, surface treatment GEOMET® 720 and many others developed directly by Aoyama group, for example NAVITITE®, R NAVITITE® or GS TITE®.


Capability List of ACZ (CZ version)

Capability List of ACZ (EN version)

Capability List of ACZ (JP version)


On top of our locally made parts, we offer a full range of automotive fasteners (nuts, plastic parts, tapping screws, etc.) to our customers through our mother or sister plants. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team with any inquiries.