Piercing and Clinching Fasteners

Welding-free solution for parts made of metal sheet.

Another recent trend on top of the powertrain electrification is decreasing emissions related to vehicles’ production process and wider use of light-weight materials for their bodies as is for example aluminum. Reducing the number of welding operations is an effective way of reducing emissions of the production process, in case of fasteners it is particularly about replacing welding nuts and bolts with other welding-free solutions. It is known that it is also very difficult to weld aluminium due to its specific parameters.

The solution of both above-mentioned problems is to use piercing and clinching fasteners technologies developed by Aoyama group. We can offer our customers a wide variety of piercing and clinching bolts and nuts to use in various materials and applications from fine electronics up to car body. In particular, the developed technologies are STAMPIT™, RADICLINCH™ a ALPIT™. We are also able to provide standard piercing and clinching bolts and nuts.