Vision of ACZ

"Production plant that sells its products - mutual trust starts at the company's production space."

Our mid-term vision is to become functional and respected company on the European automotive industry market and to be trusted by European customers through achieving the following targets:


The company Aoyama Automotive Fasteners Czech, s. r. o. was recorded in the business register as of 29. 4. 2020. Then it started to implement its mid-term vision divided in three basic phases:

1. Phase (2003 – 2009) – Become a Production Plant with Full Customers’ Trust

This phase was successfully finished by using four key pillars:

  1. Complete in-house production, from the material receiving up to the final shipment
  2. High quality level of manufactured products assured by built-in process quality control
  3. Total implementation of the Pull Production System based on the Toyota Production System
  4. Japanese production technologies and tradition with the innovative support of Czech labor

2. Phase (2010 – 2020) – Develop a Prosperous Production Plant

This phase was also successfully finished and the company achieved a strong and stable position on the European market due to inovative technologies and product development which was fully in accordance with customers’ needs. Important European carmakers have been acquired as ACZ’s customers and continuous sales amount increase was seen despite the global financial recession and pandemic during this phase. Last but not least, new strategic partnerships were established with local suppliers of production inputs used by ACZ.

3. Phase (2021 – present) – Extension of Production Possibilities, Preparations for Entering the Electrified Era and Strategic Partnerships Development

The main target of this currently ongoing phase is to increase the production possibilities of the company ACZ on top of the current metric bolts production. Another target is to transform the company ACZ into a plant that can fully support its customers with a complex range of specific fasteners used during the production of electrified vehicles. We would also like to focus on the intensive development of strategic partnerships with our customers and local production inputs’ suppliers.