Corporate Social Responsibility

The company ACZ is trying to be a contributive member of the local society on a long-term basis and work in accordance with all written and unwritten rules this society follows. For this purpose, a complex Corporate Social Responsibility policy has been created. Its principles are an essential part of our employees’ daily work.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CZ version)

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (EN version)


Our company contributes to several activities on top of these written Corporate Social Responsibility principles that aim to support local communities. Some examples of these activities are mentioned below.

Campaign “Pastelky Dětem” (“Crayons for Children”)

Art activities are commonly favored among children while they also support the development of graphomotor skills. Most children have a strong need to express themselves by drawing or painting and quality crayons are an essential part of every little artists’ equipment. We want to support them by providing crayons to children in adjacent preschool facilities every year to support their creativeness development

Adoption of the Manchurian Crane in ZOO Ústí nad Labem

Our company acts as an “adoptive parent” of the Manchurian crane that is bred by the ZOO in Ústí nad Labem and every year provides financial support to cover the breeding and feeding expenses. This threatened bird species is considered a symbol of good fortune and longevity in Japanese culture, which means that this adoption has a deeper meaning for us as a Japanese company.

Non-Profit Institution Pes a Člověk (“Dog and Human”)

This non-profit institution is focused on canistherapy aimed to support handicapped people through visiting programs in social facilities like schools, retirement homes, etc. The main point of canistherapy is to influence the target group through a specifically trained dog. Our company provides annual financial and non-financial donations that are used for the care of these dog therapists.