Employment Opportunities at ACZ

Worker Positions

  • Manufacturing

We offer a wide variety of manufacturing-related positions due to diverse production processes at our plant. We are looking for cold heading and thread rolling tool operators and machine fitters with technical expertise. For our heat treatment processes, we are looking for candidates with technical expertise as well, while for our surface treatment lines we require candidates with chemical knowledge. Working shifts are organized in three 8 hour shifts pattern (from Monday to Friday) or non-stop operations with two 12 hour shifts pattern (from Monday to Sunday).

  • Maintenance

Our maintenance team consists of mechanicians and electrotechnicians. The maintenance department is focused on machine breakdown prevention, machine repairs, machine design engineering and administration of the building equipment. Working shifts are organized as non-stop operations with two 12 hour shifts pattern (from Monday to Sunday).

  • Logistics

The logistics team is suitable for licensed forklift drivers, but it is not only about day-long forklift drives. Working in the logistics department is a diverse job. The department is focused on unpacking and providing raw material to manufacturing processes and then on preparing final products to be shipped to the customers. Working shifts are organized as three 8 hour shifts pattern (from Monday to Friday).

  • Quality

The team of quality inspectors is focused on periodical measurements of various product specifications during the production process and the final inspection in the laboratory. Last but not least, this team is focused on visual control of our products.

Specialists and Assistants

  • Specialists

These people are independent officers who usually manage one of the company sections. They have an opportunity to use their professional expertise. We are looking for English speaking people with secondary school or university education and with a technical or economical background. Specialists are working in Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Human resources, Quality, Production Control, Manufacturing administration and Engineering departments with a flexible working hours system.

  • Assistants

They manage daily routine activities for their departments, but also independent tasks that they are fully responsible for. Assistant positions are suitable mainly for secondary school and university graduates and offer them a great chance to start their career. Flexible working hours are applied in the case of assistants as well.